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My name is Alex! I am a published photographer and music video director located in Phoenix, Arizona! My passion is creating high-quality images by utilizing the latest in technology and outside of the box thinking. I currently shoot on Canon DSLR cameras, with Yongnuo speedlights both in my studio and outdoors. I also exclusively utilize IndiProCo batteries and accessories. I am truly impassioned by my work, and I attempt to show that in every project that I undertake. Please feel free to browse through my portfolio, which can be accessed in the above menu, check out my blog and find me on social media-I love to connect!

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No matter what the project is, I can be trusted to deliver incredible results in earth shattering times. Ranging from Photography to Cinematography and all Computer Generated Images my skills and technical experience allow me to craft professional HD images. Contact me tonight to get started on creating your next visual masterpiece!


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