My father passed away on February 14, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. For some time writing this has been hanging in the back of my mind, as something that I needed to do for my own catharsis, as well as something that should be done to honor such a great man.

The truth is it’s really difficult to write feelings out in language. I mean sure, I can say that I miss him, love him, and am thankful for him being my father. Yet somehow, these statements don’t really reflect the gravity of the situation, or the impact he left on my life (and the countless others he touched). It is so often in life that moments pass, to be remembered in fondness, but to remain in this twilight zone of human experiences seldom to be expressed with the written language.

My Dad was the person who got me into photography, which has become not only a career but a lifelong passion. He got me into Frank Sinatra, Jazz, Scotch, as well as a level of cerebral existence that I can only attribute to him. He lived a long and amazing life, during which he experienced the depression, the falling of the Berlin Wall, and (first hand) 9/11.

As a psychologist, he helped countless people do everything from quit smoking, to deal with the passing of a loved one – a skill that is helping me at the moment. As a father, he taught me countless lessons concerning morality, strength in character, and humanity.

There will never be another man like my Dad. I miss him daily, and haven’t even really come to terms with his passing. Writing this has been helpful, and I thank you for reading this. Beyond the sorrow of this event, one thing is important to take away. Love those around you, unconditionally, with everything that you have. Don’t ever wait until it’s too late to say, I love you, I’m sorry, or anything else that falls into that category. Life is fragile, and precious.


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