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Mostly I shoot music photographs, and music videos. The other thing that occupies the bulk of my time is wedding work (especially with the season coming FAST) and portraiture. When I first moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania, I instantly started producing heavy metal videos and very quickly became pigeonholed. This wasn’t and isn’t a bad thing, as I am a HUGE metal head and LOVE the recognition the community has given me. However, at times it has felt confining and I have wanted to branch out into other photo and video genres.frankie shoot (6 of 23) Within the last year, I have been blessed to be able to do more rock music videos, and work with a multitude of models (both fashion and beauty photography).


At this point, I am very focused on assembling a solid grouping of Beauty Photography and Fashion Photography to jump into the next phase of my career.frankie shoot (12 of 23) As mentioned, I have been fortunate enough to get shots that not only move my work in the direction I want it, but also serve as a solid example of the genre they represent.


Recently, I got to have a super long session with Frankie Jo, filled with an insane amount of bubblegum, a bottle of tequila, and enough batteries to build a small house with. As per usual, we started late and shot until almost 2 AM. We went through a variety of different outfits, and poses with the main emphasis being on the bubblegum.

I bought a pound of bubblegum for this shoot, underestimating how difficult blowing good bubbles is, and how difficult it is to light a bubble. However, frankie shoot (4 of 23)using a parabolic 7 foot umbrella, and a flash ratio of 1:2 I was able to get some pretty good stuff. You can see in some of these B shots that the lighting isn’t perfect, but once editing in Photoshop for a final product it looks perfect. My standard Kodak LUT was applied to the photos during Lightroom import, and some minor corrections were made. From Lightroom I took these photos (remembering they are Beauty Photographs) and smoothed and retouched using  Google’s Nik Collection.

If you haven’t messed around with this, they recently put all the software included in this collection for free on the web. It’s not a do or die, must have kind of thing – but without a doubt helps greatly with skin tones, and de-noising (not used in this case)


You can check out the full set below, and selects on my portfolio!


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