Using A Grey Backdrop

Recently I replaced my iconic white backdrop (something I picked up from Terry Richardson’s work) with a grey one. I’ve seen a large amount of fashion work shot with grey, and wanted something neutral to shoot a large variety of work on. Grey seemed to be a good option for this.

Ironically, I also got a new puppy the day the backdrop went up – so erecting it proved a difficult task. After much work the puppy was restrained and the backdrop in place. My friend Andres came over, and with my wife on board we started experimenting with the backdrop.

Grey is unique, in the sense that you can get a variety of drastic different looks with it. With 0 backlighting the backdrop appears completely black with the model lit. With direct lighting, you can get pure white tones. And of course, with a variety of different lighting setups you can get beautiful gradients of grey. Check out some of the test shots!


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