Weird Radicals “Human Being”

Rarely do I find a musical group that straight off the bat just grabs my attention, pulling my forward and not allowing me to let go. So is, Weird Radicals – the Phoenix rock band that brings images of 90’s alt rock and The Beatles to my head.

As soon as I heard “Human Being” I had a good idea of what I wanted to see visually. When I contacted my producer, Cameron he had a very similar aesthetic in mind also – it’s always amazing when creative visions link up.

Human Being is a very personal song. It’s a song of want, need and the human desire to be accepted, loved and nurtured- something I think we all can relate to. Andrew’s vocals really shine on this track and really push this primordial need to the forefront. As soon as I heard the song, I fell in love. It’s incredibly sincere dynamic, and almost haunting.

Before we even got on set, we were working. This shoot required painting the backdrops a specific color (that we traced with a hex code) to match the band. We shot a timelapse to chronicle this arduous but fun task – pictured here :

By the time we got on set, we had challenges. As always, anything that can or will go wrong will. We shot on top of South Mountain after attempting to drive on the highway with the backdrops strapped to Cameron’s car. Once on South Mountain, the heat was almost unbearable – and Ranger’s attempted to curtail our activities. But we pulled through and afterward shot an entire live set inside for a series, that will soon debut.
Check out the behind the scenes photographs here (Courtesy of Nicole Reinhard) :







It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post, and it stops right here. It’s been tough, after Dad’s death to get back into the swing of things and a lot of the reason is my own depression. As always, love from my wife and dogs, and music has helped me heal. Expect bigger and better things in the future.


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