IndiPro V Mount Battery & Canon LPe6 Adaptor Review

Anyone that follow my blog, Instagram, or Facebook knows that I use a lot of IndiPro products. If you haven’t already, and area  working professional, they offer great cost effective solutions for camera batteries, as well as adapters and all sorts of other handy things I need when on set. These last few weeks I have been swamped with video production (mostly music videos) and have gotten an insane amount of RAW footage, most of which was captured with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.


IndiPro V Mount Battery with Display

Recording in RAW for an entire music video is draining, not only to power but also to memory cards (I think about 6 minutes of RAW fits on a 32GB card. Fortunately, these have dropped in price within the last year pretty drastically). IndiPro has several solutions to help with battery life. This last week I tested out their V Mount Battery (which I will get more in depth with in a minute) and their V Mount to LPe6 adapter.


INDIPRO V Mount Battery

The battery itself is very well constructed, and seems to be pretty damn durable. It has a nice clean LCD display that tells you the charge left in both time and percent, as well as the voltage. This last weekend I was fully booked (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and I needed the ability to shoot in both RAW and 60fps. Because I always roll two cameras during music video production, I used my 7D and BMPCC. I constructed a rig that would suit both of these cameras and have good flexibility on sticks, a slider and handheld. I used a part of another rig that a machinist friend had built for me as the base and below it added IndiPro’s rod system. With twin 15mm rods on the front, and two on the back I was able to mount the V mount – LPE6 adaptor. 2016-10-01-13-32-57-1In front of it, so I could multipurpose the rig I also added IndiPro’s LPE6 to BMPCC adapter. On the front of the rig, I put a follow focus as well as a matte box. The V mount lay directly on the back of this, as seen in the above image.

On Friday we shot for 8 consecutive hours, with extremely limited breaks. At the end of the day, the battery still had 49%. On Saturday, we used this configuration exclusively with the BMPCC, and shot all in RAW. Again, we shot for around 7 consecutive hours – and at the end of the day we had over 1TB of RAW footage, and 66% of the V Mount battery left. The most impressive proof of the longevity of this battery however, was on Sunday. Our team drove to Flagstaff, and shot for around 12 hours- at the end of the day, we still had 39% battery left.

Another great thing that IndiPro makes, is their DTap adapter to USB. In between takes and in the car, we were able to charge phones, tablets and the like on the go – all without having an impact on the battery life. Impressive to say the least.

VMount to LPe6 Adaptor

The VMount adapter that IndiPro makes is a pretty versatile tool. As mentioned above, I used it in conjunction with their Lpe6 to BMPCC adapter – as well as with the 7D. On the 7D I had some minor issues getting the camera to constantly power with the door open. The solution was pretty simple, I just used the extended battery pack and voila! The issue was resolved.

The grips to attach to the rail system are very well made. All of the parts that connect directly to a rig are metal, and are well machined. The tightening nuts worked well enough that I had the battery (which isn’t the lightest thing in the world) completely vertical and there was 0 issue.

After several shoots with this adapter, it is without a doubt a staple in my camera case. It is extremely lightweight, but manages to attach to the battery with no issues. The release works well also, which is a great thing to point out, seeing as how this is one of the most major issues with other similar products.


All things considered, I would highly recommend buying these things as a DSLR or BMPCC shooter. The battery life of their V Mount is insane, and the adapter is perfect for people like myself who use a variety of cameras of different sizes and ability.



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