A few months ago, my wife wanted to take me to Bookman’s. I had never been before, which my wife responded to with “WHAT?! YOU’VE NEVER BEEN?” No, Nicole, I have never been to Bookman’s and CLEARLY, I fucked up. For those of you not in the Phoenix valley or those who have not been to this amazing place – Bookman’s is a panache of music, music equipment, books, comics, and magazines. Think Goodwill meets your local mom and pop music store.

While we were there we were browsing through the magazines, Nicole picked up a Playboy – you know before they stopped printing. While leafing through the photos we found one in particular that spoke to us. Instantly I knew I wanted to shoot something similar to this.

Enter Sage, and the El Camino. When I put out the feelers on Facebook looking for an El Camino to shoot with, I never dreamed I would have the success I did. But luckily Nate Van DePool was around with his bright yellow 1983 El Camino and willing to lend a helping hand.

We all met on a Monday night and drove from my studio down to South Mountain. I really wanted there to be a good amount of shots, of Sage with the car in the desert – although I never guessed South Mountain would be THAT busy on a Monday night. There was some sort of religious ceremony going on, as we shot away a scant hundred or so yards away from a literal sermon on a mount. It was pretty damn rock and roll.

When we finished at South Mountain, we also shot a little bit in my studio. I love how these photographs came out. Sage is one of the most genuine down to earth people Nicole and I have worked with, and the shoot was a great success. It’s always nice to work with genuine people that have the ability to give you insanely cool, kick ass, rock and roll poses.

Check out the full shoot below:


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